Are you twisted out of place and hurting ?

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The NUCCA Spinal Adjustment is unlike anything else available for spinal care.  Click “What to Expect” at the top to see what to expect on your first visit.

Why spend more time and money on diagnosis procedures just to get a fancy name for your condition ?  

Get you spine corrected.

Have you been been told that you must learn to live with the pain ?


Have you been told that you need surgery ?


Are you tired of seeing Specialists that tell you your pain must be in your head ?


How many more MRI, CT Scans, Spinal Taps, and Physical Therapy Sessions can your wallet or your body endure ?


Are you concerned about the stories of high force bone crushing, neck twisting, hip twisting leaving you in more pain than when you started ?


Are you tired of fear based tactics to push you into a 3 times a week adjustment schedule just because you have good insurance ?


There is another way to care for spinal problems...